Last Update 01/11/2020
Square & Round Dancing in an Air Conditioned Hall with ample off-street parking at the
Westerly Senior Center, 39 State St., at the Corner of State & Westminster Streets
(One Block North, towards town, from the Westerly Hospital)
We dance on the 1st Saturday night from 8 to 10:30 PM
The dance donation is $8.00 except where noted, but is subject to change without notice
Our classes/workshops are on Monday evenings from 7 to 9 PM at $6.00 per person
Contact in CT. Lynne (860) 599-4699 Contact in RI. : Dave (401) 447-9848
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Schedule Subject to Change Without Notice!
A/T = Mainstream (MS) & Plus (+) Atlernating Tips

 Date  Level  Caller  Cuer  Theme
2019 Welcome  2019 Welcome 2019
Friday May 17 A/T Jim Schell Mike Alexander Diaper Donations for Young & Old
Friday June 7 A/T Dave Perrault Mike Alexander .
Friday June 21 Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
Sunday July 21 A/T Jim Schell Mike Alexander 55th Anniversary 1:30PM - 4PM
Saturday August 3 A/T Dave Perrault Harriett Clarke Underware and Socks for Kids
Saturday September 7 A/T Jim Schell Mike Alexander  
Saturday October 5 A/T Dave Perrault Mike Alexander Food Donation
Sunday October 6 A/T Multiple Callers Multiple Cuers Fall Federation Dance
Saturday November 2 A/T Bob Butler Harriett Clarke .
Saturday December 7 A/T Jim Schell Margene Jervis .
2020 Welcome 2020 Welcome 2020
Saturday January 4 A/T Bob Butler Jim Schell .
Saturday February 1 M/S Dave Perrault Kathy Bryant Beginner's Ball
Saturday March 7 A/T Dave Perrault Margene Jervis .
Saturday April 4 M/S Jim Schell Jim Schell Graduation
Saturday May 2 A/T Dave Perrault Mike Alexander .
Saturday June 6 A/T Jim Schell Mike Alexander 56th Anniversary